Terms and Conditions

Our plates are made for custom cars/show cars and we do not sell them as road legal, none the less, they comply in most ways with current legislation. However, current legislation doesn’t cover edge-lit plates so it’s impossible to fully comply! This is the reason why you don’t need to send us official documentation.


Returns Policy

LED-Plates do not accept returns or allow cancellation as each order is custom made. If you believe there is a fault with your plate and you are within guarantee period (6 months) please contact us, we will either repair or replace the faulty product like-for-like free of charge. LED-plates will not accept liability for damage in transit or while the customer or any third party are fitting the plates. Returns postage is to be paid for by the customer.

LED-Plates reserves the right to amend the details of this web page at any time. If you have any queries please contact us via email or social media.



10mm thick solid clear acrylic with embedded long life LED’s in either white or red. Resin filled for maximum weather protection. Wrapped in vinyl on the back and sides. The face is covered with reflective grade vinyl, stencil cut for characters, with either vinyl characters or 3D solid acrylic. On the reverse there is a 6mm layer of black PVC, ready to bond direct to flat area on the vehicle. 12 volt LED’s with a 1 meter 2 core cable is attached. This can be then wired direct to the battery feed, connected to sidelights or daytime running lights alternatively wired to an independent switch like we show in Lee Lockwood’s video. That way you can choose when to illuminate the plates.

All the sizes are done to normal standard specifications i.e. letter height, font, spacing, area around characters, they are reflective too so the cameras and other lights still pick them up.

Power washing is not a problem as long as the lance is 1 metre away and not prolonged.


Caution / Warning

These plates are made for using on custom cars/ show cars and we do not sell them as road legal. Never the less they comply in most ways (see: Specification)its just that the legislation doesn’t cover edge lit plates yet so we cant full comply. This is why we don’t need official documentation from our customers.


Custom Orders

If you would like to create something not listed on our site please drop us an email with a description, sketch or even photo to help explain your idea.


We make each plate to order and have lots of customisable options such as size, material, plate, lettering or LED colours. The combinations and possibilities are massive. We can even make vintage style black and Silver style plates with an LED twist. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and acrylic can be used to create your custom plate.

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